Why Do Women Wear Sexy Clothing

A lot of people feel free to be assumptive when they see women in a sexy dress. Not only is this unethical, but extremely judgmental. So to clear up a few misconceptions, we have taken it upon ourselves to impart some knowledge on why women like to look sexy at times;

1. She likes it that way
Some women just like to turn some heads and there is nothing wrong with it. It might be that the outfit looks good on her and she finds it best to fit her body and be comfortable in it. A woman can spend her time wearing loose trousers and a tee with sneakers if that is what she feels the best in so if someone wants to show a little skin, there is nothing wrong with that. She might be going to a nightclub or have popular style icons; either way, she has all the right to wear anything which she feels sexy in.

2. Culture
There are many cultures throughout the world which do not consider revealing or tight clothing any cause of concern. So if you grow up in a place where supermodels enforce sexy clothing, you can expect to find a lot of women in short skirts. However in other cultures, wearing clothes which might be considered too attractive for the opposite gender can be quite disrespectful.

3. Gaining self-confidence
Some women are just born rebellious and like to wear sexy clothing as a symbol and just to flaunt themselves. One might feel inferior sometimes and may want to experiment more with their identity. It is common for people to change their physical appearances when they are confused about themselves. Often times just for that, women are criticized for whatever they wear and this goes beyond everyday life to touch on serious situations such as harassment etc. Women who are only looking to see themselves as a better version are often considered way too proactive for their ego.

You must know of many women who spend most of their lives taming down who they really are and how they would like to be. Sensuality and elegance is considered to be foremost qualities in most cultures and anything that sways from these is considered to be too bold of a move for women to make. Often times, women are also slut-shamed if they decide to wear what they want.

To sum it up, this topic is extremely debatable because of sensitive issues such as rape culture and objectification. Even though women should be free to wear what she wants, she should consider the surrounding and be respectful of the culture and people of the place. Like someone once said, you don’t have to do all the things you are capable of.