Stay Happy & Safe Under the Ultraviolet

Worried about ultraviolet rays but cannot avoid the sun? Here is what you can do.

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays is mostly the cause of skin cancer at an older age. This can also come from indoor sources like tanning beds, which are a popular choice for people these days. Neither is safe and can cause irreversible damage to the skin’s deepest layers. To help you understand this better, you must be aware of what affects.

Staying indoor is the best option, especially between 10 am and 4 pm, when UV light is strongest. The best way to go about this situation is to wear clothing which would protect your skin when outside. The very next thing you should be onto is the sunscreen. However this product needs reapplication to work effectively. You can make it a part of your daily skin care regime. When choosing a sunscreen, you must ensure that it has a good SPF number. Some are waterproof too which means they stay intact after contact with water for another 60 to 80 minutes after you go for swimming or exercise.

As an extra step, you should also wear a hat. This protects skin from intense sun and especially the delicate skin around the eyes. Children should not be allowed near direct sunlight and if they do they should be protected by using hats and other forms of protective clothing. If you are looking for tanning, don’t be tempted to go out in the sun. Don’t even go for tanning beds either because the UV rays in it are not harmless, contrary to common belief. It can also increase the risk of melanoma. A safe way to get a tan is to use a tanning lotion. This can get you the look that you want without the side effects. In many salons, small UV lamps are used to dry nail polish and these have UVA rays. However it is not harmful in that quantity. But if you take if from the tanning beds, there is a higher risk of skin cancer.

If you are someone who goes out in the sunlight for Vitamin D, we have good news for you. There are Vitamin D tablets available which can even help lower the risk for certain types of cancers. Since the skin has the ability to naturally produce vitamin D, it is the most sought for option but if you are more prone to getting tanned, you should probably go for the tablets. They give almost the same result without the side effects. To this date, it is not certain that what amount of Vitamin D is okay for the human body. The research is ongoing but you must keep in mind that it is one of the most important vitamins for human. Try including it in your diet plan rather than spending long hours in the sun for your bones. You will find that is more time effective and a lot more reliable when you are in control.