Places for Which You Will Have to Pack Something Other Than Bikinis

Hoping to go on a tour soon and wondering what to pack? Be super mindful because we know of some places where you cannot flaunt your bikini! This is mainly because every place has a different culture and not all cultures tolerate too much nudity. So before you decide to reap the flavors of exotic places, you should learn a bit about them so you can respect their culture as a mere visitor. To make things easier for you, we have listed down some places below for which you need to do some research before you back a bikini.

1. Barcelona, Spain
The joyful spirit of this place may fool you into thinking this city is too welcoming but in real, since 2011 you cannot wear bikinis out on the streets not even in the capital. You can only wear them out on the beach. If you are caught wearing them too openly, you can get fined for up to €500 euro.

2. United Arab Emirates
Being a predominantly Muslim country, people are not spotted in bikinis commonly. Some states such as Ras al-Khaimah has took away the right for men and women to show too much skin on the beaches since 2013. This is mainly because the Muslim families there are not comfortable with people showing too much skin as it is in contradiction with their practicing religion. However Dubai does not have any such ban because there is a lot of cultural diversity present there. But the authorities still encourage tourists to be mindful of other people.

3. Hvar, Croatia
This one is a to-go location for the super rich people especially celebrities. It is also a top pick for filming movies. Since it is an old town, people are respectful when walking its streets. There is a ban on drinking in public and citizens cannot be out on the streets in revealing clothes. For this they can get fined up to €600.

4. Maldives
This is one of the places which may look like a usual tropical island but it is a lot more than that. Since this also has a muslim majority, revealing swimwear is not allowed here. You can find some beaches which accept more diversity when it comes to tourists by letting them wear bikinis. Such destinations are strictly 'bikini beaches’ open only to tourists. They are often symbolized by a black wall so you can easily tell the place apart.

5. Geneva
After banning of burkinis in some parts of France, Geneva has stepped out of this and chosen to allow burkinis. This leaves the swimmers no choice and they often have to go with wearing swimwear which covers till knees and arms as they must not be left exposed. At the start these were designed to stop people from wearing clothes while swimming, but they became a part of the Muslim women's apparel due to its properties of privacy and coverage.