Bikinis or One-piece Swimsuit - Which is More Effortless for a Day at the Beach?

The biggest essential in fashion industry is to look good with minimal effort. Especially when it comes to what to wear on the beach, wearing something that is easy to carry is the most important. People often assume that one-piece is not better than bikinis because it ruins a tan. But that is not the complete picture. If you dive deeper into this, reconsider the fact that exposing too much of your skin to sunlight is a one way ticket to damaged skin because of the UV rays. Not only that, it also increases the risk of skin cancer, which is something most women who don’t protect their skin too much experience in late 30’s.

Wearing a one-piece suit prevents the loss of elasticity in skin, which most bikini-wearers experience because of prolonged exposure to sunlight. More often, people also find one-piece swimsuits more elegant to wear outside on a casual day at a public beach. You get to show more of the print on the fabric and you can pair it up you’re your favorite headband to throw an effortless look.

However on the contrary, bikinis are known to look more stylish and are also associated with empowering women in this era. Women can now easily flaunt their body at the beach and it is also linked with increased confidence in how a woman sees herself and her body. Because of wearing bikinis, a lot of women have set on a journey of self-embracement and set aside a powerful culture of ‘all body sizes matter’ You can find this movement spread like wildfire everywhere- from Instagram to best fashion advertisement agencies.

Bikinis come in various styles too so there is more diversity there when you think of it in comparison with one-piece swimsuits. You can find them sleek, sporty or downright casual. If you are looking for something more stylish or for a special occasion, there are more elegant high-cut briefs and slender ones for just staying by the poolside.

However this debate goes on because deciding which is better can only be done by keeping the action into account. If you are just looking ahead to a fun day at the beach, then a bikini does the job but if you are planning on swimming, nothing beats a one-piece swimsuit. You will find it extremely comfortable and you don’t have to worry about your clothing coming off!

So to conclude, there are many deciding factors behind which of these make for a better choice. But whatever you go for, don’t neglect the print, and the style. In today’s world, everyone can find something that matches their preferences. There is nothing that you ‘shouldn’t wear’. While bikinis look sleek and great on anybody, one-piece swimsuits have their own elegance and purpose. You can carry off any look as long as you are confident in yourself and are willing to flaunt your body without a care in the world.